AITA for having our cleaning lady do the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher?

NTA Completely agree here. I prefer to wash by hand. Whenever I use a dishwasher it has on most occasions either left a white residue on my dishes or was unable to get anything that had been dried/caked on previous. If I'm going to have to rinse it I might as well just clean it. As far as people complaining that its wasteful goes.. Your dishwasher uses a lot of unnecessary electricity so its a trade off. Furthernore If you're washing a knife or anything sharp its pretty common sense to be extra careful. If you know washing by hand is bad for your skin wear gloves so your hands don't get dried out. Most cleaning staff have rules about their services if she doesn't want to wash dishes by hand she should find a new client; not blame him for a mistake she made doing her job.

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