AITA for having to yell at the principal every week just for my sister to bring a stuffed animal to class?

I 100% agree with what you have said…. Theoretically. If you were talking to two adults or even if OP was an older teen.

My issue is not with your message, but with your delivery. You are talking to a 14 year old child. A child.

A child who is having to make adult decisions despite being no where near ready to (not on you OP, no 14 yo should be having to make these choices).

He is fumbling through, and yes needs direction to the safest healthiest options, which hopefully don’t involve him being the main supporter of his sisters care.

But the way you guys have framed these comments comes across as “come on OP this isnt working, why haven’t you noticed your method isn’t working, go out and find people to fix this” (a little dramatic reading, but I’m trying to convey the vibe you have given).

I find your comments convey a bit of a lacking of how complex this is. And a bit accusatory of him not having “seen the right way to deal with this” earlier.

I realise the need for direct commentary sometimes.

But you do not frame the conversation that way when a talking to a child. They need padding. They need guidance not, “ well you tried but your wrong”.

So again, it is not your message I take issue with, but your delivery.

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