AITA for how I reacted after my ex told everybody I would die if I had another baby?

NTA Im surprised by all the YTAs honestly. Your ex disclosed your personal health information!!! Medical professionals don’t even have that right. That’s your you personal information and you have the right to disclose it. You ex is the TA for doing that! I get that he’s doing it out of fear but it was not his place. A lot of the “YTA” comments are discussing how OPs children and ex will handle her death without regard to the fact that all of this is OPs choice! Why are we discussing around the fact that this child is OPs and she has the right to carry her child or terminate based on her own decision?! Why is no one considering her perspective?? Yes it will be painful if something happens to her but she is making an informed decision to carry her child. Can we please start trusting women to make their own choices?

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