AITA for saying my mom is a lot more beautiful and successful than my stepmom?

I'm gonna say NTA. Yes, you were definitely harsh and I think there were better ways to say the things you wanted to say, but if I heard anyone talk about my mother like that there would be no way of keeping me quiet.

I have read a couple comments saying that it was a private conversation they were having and implying (in my head at least) that it is ok then to say horrible things about the mother of your child? Especially when (as it seems here) she is an able and good mother to you and (again, as it seems here) hasnt had the same attitude towards your father and his wife?

Your dad and stepmom were completely in the wrong for making fun of your mom like that, regardless of the reason for the divorce. Even more so when you consider that you were in the house and within earshot.

Your stepmom sounds like she is jealous and insecure and taking it out on your mother. Your father should have had the basic decency and respect for you and his ex to put a stop to any cruelty coming from his wife. It should not be your job to have to shut that down.

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