AITA for saying its not my problem that (some of) my friends chose bad husbands and im not going to punish mine because of it?

To be fair they did pick their husbands and they are continually choosing to stay with them despite their deficiencies and then instead of trying to improve their own marriages they are trying to drag OP down with them.

The husbands aren't forcing their wives to stay with their shitty selves and they aren't forcing their wives to be jealous of OP to the point that they are harassing her to "fix" something that isn't broken.

At some point you have to stop being a victim and take responsibility for what you can do. It's not like these women are helpless.

That being said I don't agree how OP went about it, but I certainly understand that she lost her temper after deflecting these attempts by her friends multiple times.

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