AITA for saying stay the hell out to my wife?

NTA. My husband has his own room for his hobbies and that’s his space. The only time I go in is if he asks me to look at something or need to get a pen out of there. He has an expensive hobby as well (Warhammer 40k, Gundam, Star Wars). Even our own kids who are 7 and 4 know not to go in there without permission. They respect their dad’s things As do I. For the most part I’m not really interested to go in that room anyway.

Your wife has a huge boundary and respect issue. You stated in the edited part that you both were molested at a young age, but it seems as though you found an outlet to grow from it in a positive manner. Someone’s past is not an excuse for how they behave. It also sets a bad example for your children.

I’m sure other posters have mentioned counseling and it seems that that would be a good route to take for both of you. Individual counseling and marriage counseling. See if that is something your wife would be willing to do, if she doesn’t want to and continues on this path, then I do not see it getting any better unfortunately.

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