AITA for kicking out my brother, who our parents have previously disowned, because he told my (now ex) fiancé that I cheated 9 years ago?

That’s a really crazy way of thinking. That’s basically saying nothing anyone does can ever atone or change from stupid teenage mistakes. I would absolutely not want to date anyone who drinks and drives. It’s a awful thing. If I was dating someone it’s a deal breaker if I caught them doing it. How can I say that if I’ve been stupid and did it myself when I was a teenager? Not only was I drinking and driving but I was underage drinking as well! What a hypocrite I am for not wanting to date someone who drinks and drives, right? Wrong. I’ve grown. My brain has gotten a lot smarter and thinks of things a lot clearer. I no longer drink and drive, not even a single beer and most people would even say that’s ok. I don’t.

Your way of thinking kinda sucks tbh and if you were in here with that perspective as OP I’d say you’re ta. Sorry to be so blunt but that really does suck that you think people can’t grow.

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