AITA for leaving my mother’s best friend without a babysitter after what she said about my daughter?

Yes, he was convicted of rape and sexual assault.

My understanding is that he used his power and position to coerce women into agreeing consensually (under coercion) to go to bed with him in exchange for supporting their careers. But then it has been a while since the case was heard, so that may be incorrect?

Rather than answer your bad faith question since your whole comment history is bad faith

Why introduce an ad hominem attack, and conveniently overlook the context of a comment I made 4 years ago which has no bearing on this post? How long did it take you to find that comment in order to try and smear me without actually providing any commentary on the comments I made in this post?

Notwithstanding that, you've directly called me a racist and linked a comment where I did not make any sweeping race-based generalisations about anyone, but rather responded to a hypocritical example (black parents making a decision and blaming white gay men for it). Why does that make me a racist?

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