AITA for legally suspending my daughter's license?

Very very very mild ESH. I think you've done her a minor disservice because I think it won't have all of the impacts you intend.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that she needs to have the license revoked for this....but I think because of how this had gone down she will look at this forever as "my dad is so crazy" rather than taking it for the lesson it is. Does that make sense?

The delay in doing this is probably why I feel that way, rather than it being immediate and as a cause of her action, it is because you and mom disagreed on punishment. So it happened while she was with mom where they will likely sit together and stew in the idea that you are "crazy" because your ex is pissed about it as well. I hope this makes sense. I think the timing of it is a problem, but not the action of it itself.

Regardless, you have two years to counter that perception. Its probably worth finding some sort of course to sign her up for, some sort of learning that she has to do about the effects. I would be happy to look up options if you offer your rough location? State/province would be enough.

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