AITA for letting a neighbor make packed lunch for me?

He's super entitled. "Well my wife that raises our kids and shouldn't expect anything from me when I come home because I only have energy to hit the sheets, if she can't make my super special yummy lunch then I'll keep seeing a woman that will!" All he's doing is showing the person he married that her time and opinion doesn't matter, she said she isn't comfortable with him seeing another woman to get food, and he's so dismissive. To heck with what would make HER happy, it's all about him. It doesn't matter that she's obviously so overwhelmed that she doesn't add her "special touches" to his lunch anymore, the woman is still making lunch for a whiny, ungrateful husband DESPITE obviously being stretched thin. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel so sorry for his wife, this man has zero emotional intelligence and I'm certain she's burnt out in this draining marriage.

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