AITA For making my boyfriend write me an anniversary card?

Is this a joke?? It has to be. Or maybe you live in a non western culture as the wording is a little odd and formal. You made plans for a specific day to spend together, weeks ahead, and last minute, he says he made study plans. That's shitty. You didn't do anything special after his plans? What was the point of plans? You essentially took the "traditional male" route, and made him breakfast in bed and got him roses (??), a card, and a small gift. Roses are generally not something males like or receive. Generally. You keep repeating how poor you are and how "well off" he is. Not sure why that is necessary. Here's where I think this is a joke. You say he felt bad about not getting you anything, and that "because you put in effort, he'd pay for dinner for both of you and an "activity". As if that's a huge deal. Then you mention money again, how him feeling you helps because you're poor, and how grateful you are. That while paragraph feels like a joke. It reads like extreme sarcasm that you wanted a card, but that you "obviously" didn't expect a gift because he was paying for dinner, which is "so generous of him", which is insane because you made him breakfast, bought him a gift, a card, and flowers. Obviously it's not generous of him! He ditched you to study last minute when you has plans, you did nothing special, and he didn't even get you a card,while you went all out with the romance. Thus second paragraph also drips with awkward passive-aggressive sarcasm. Asking for the card obviously wasn't selfish. It was foolish. He obviously didn't want to do it and it meant nothing. It was like asking him to pick up butter or cereal. You go on to mention again how "generous" he is when he's clearly thoughtless and not generous. Guys take their girlfriends out for dinner sometimes. Mine has taken me out to dinner numerous times. It's something you shouldn't take for granted, but it's not an amazing occurrence. You are not very lucky, as I'm sure you know. This sounds like a relationship where he makes you feel like every tiny thing is something you need to praise him for or you have some issues that cause you to think this way. In any case, I am assuming this is a trolling. If any other case, therapy is advised.

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