AITA for not acknowledging my husband?

You both are assholes.

He could've helped with one or both of the children.

And why does a toddler need to wear a shirt to bed? It would've been easier to forget about the pajama shirt. Some toddler battles aren't worth fighting when they aren't that big of a deal. And you can usually trick toddlers by saying "show me how you do XYZ" or "I bet you can't do XYZ". Toddlers like to prove they can do something because it's part of their defiant nature.

It sounds like your husband needs to help out more. And he needs to help you figure out how to get time for yourself.

Playing the "I am going to ignore you" game is immature. You both need to work on your communication skills. You both would probably benefit from couple's therapy and a break from your children. If you can afford to send the kids to daycare once a week, I recommend it. Daycare helps teach kids independence and helps with their social skills. Daycare is also a good way for you to have a break.

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