AITA for not "coming out" and leaving my boyfriend to deal with the fall out?

Are you/your bf/friend group the vindictive type? Can you feee him further embarrassing misinformation through Discord? Wait for him to share it with others, then prove him wrong?

I know that sounds immature, but if you talk about all the great pussy you played with last night, then when BF’s family reaches out confused send them confused innocent pictures of you playing with your car? Simple ways to make Mark not want to share every piece of information he learns about you because it makes him look like an idiot when he shares with others.

Have fun with it! Organize a ‘bi-friendly tea party’ and have it be about bi-planes. Have ‘naked walk’ make it be about people drinking ‘naked’ brand wine in public together. Any sort of silliness you can use to poke fun in harmless fashion. And don’t forget that with all the kids graduating right now, you can tell all them about about The Satanic Temple’s Devil’s Advocate Scholarship program happening right now to help them out in college. Everybody needs free college money from churches, right?! Have fun with this :)

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