AITA for not consulting my roommate about some of the things I do to the dorm


I feel like people are being weirdly picky at OP based on their own experiences, but seriously...none of this is anything the bad roommate should be making a fuss about.

My freshman year, I moved in a day after my roommate due to travel issues. She had a pink shag rug and Jonas Bros posters racked up in the living room.

I absolutely hate pink and posters and the more “girly teenage decor” shit, but instead of making a big deal and being a jerk, I bought some couch pillows that coordinated with the rug (so it looked intentional instead of stupid) and asked her if we could frame the posters instead of using tacks. I hung up a few posters of other bad musicians and lovingly referred to it as the wall of suck (but only when she wasn’t around). It ended up looking totally fine, and sort of cute in a quirky way, and no argument had to happen.

OPs roommate is just being a brat and not doing anything proactive to try and help the situation.

I could only wish that my roommates rug had been black, rather than staring at hot pink shag every day, but I didn’t let it ruin my life either.

Also - even if you aren’t into games, who gives a fuck about playing smash bros? It’s not like you’re having ten hour WOW marathons...I don’t care for smash, but I’d probably join you anyway because it’s not like it’s an exclusionary game.

Sometimes you take part in hobbies you don’t like or put up with bad style choices in order to keep a functioning roommate relationship. This girl doesn’t sound like she’s even making an attempt.

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