AITA for not doing more for my wife's birthday?

ESH imo... But maybe it's cause I don't necessarily expect too much...?

My parents always went all out for my birthdays. I actually disliked it as a kid but grew to really appreciate it. Like people cared about me even if it was just a once a year excuse, lol. I now live with my boyfriend and since it was our first year actually living together, I didn't know what to expect for my birthday. I was heartbroken to find out he didn't really think to do anything for it or just get me something like a dollar store cat figurine or whatever. No cake either (which I was bummed about, I LOVE cake!). We were in financial strain at the time as well so I didn't expect much, though. He did wish me in the morning, I was just sad he didn't think beyond that and when I expressed that to him he sweetly offered we do chinese takeout from my favorite place (he had work early in the am and it was late) and we had a good time stuffing our faces and watching a movie. I appreciate he wanted to make it right but I'm admittedly nervous about our first Christmas in the house too. I like to go all out and do my best to show someone how much I love them and since I'm an over emotional baby, I do feel a little sad when someone doesn't show they thought about me.

Anywho, I think it's nice you planned to do things for her on her day. Seems like everyone is ignoring that??? I'm super picky about where I eat so that's completely understandable to me. There are definitely times I wish my SO would make the decisions though. I'm okay with going with the flow when he does. I think it's quite ridiculous she expected you to put up signs and banners and whatnot for it... I've never even done that! I think she is being overly dramatic and sensitive but I'm a little sad that you allowed her to sit alone and cry and miss your dinner reservations. This whole thing is a mess and I hope you can both communicate better what you'd enjoy in the future.

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