AITA for not donating to my sister’s fundraiser

So? They have the vast majority of the wealth, especially the top 1%. If you are part of society and end up with the triple diamond platinum life package where you get to do whatever you want, go wherever you want, have massive houses, with plenty left over to spare for whatever, including influencing politicians, then you should pay the triple diamond platinum rate for that life. You only have that life because of the millions of people working shit jobs for low pay to make sure you have healthy educated workers, roads and transport to ship products around on, police to keep people from stealing from you, emergency services to prevent your buildings from burning down, people making sure the sewers work and you don't have shit just backed up on your street, taking the trash out to landfill etc.

Even if the super wealthy paid a lot more tax they'd still have way more than enough to live the kind of life most people can't even dream of, so what's the problem? The problem is people are disgusting and narcissistic and get into this ridiculous ego trip where they think they're only super wealthy because they deserve it or somehow worked harder than everyone else, when there are people cleaning toilets 12 hours a day or wiping people's asses, or going down mines, or doing waste disposal, or whatever for minimum wage just so the super wealthy who think they work harder than everyone else can actually get as rich as they are while doing relatively little back breaking, dirty, sweaty work actually producing anything.

The only reason people have this attitude about socialism being some scary thing is that the ultra wealthy have pumped a fuck load of their wealth into propaganda to convince people it's somehow this terrible thing, when really it's just about making sure the people who benefit most from society pay properly for it. Like if you want to fly first class in life, you pay way more than everyone who's crammed in the economy seats, especially when without the economy seats, there's no flights at all. You pay enough to make sure everything works properly for everyone else, and you STILL have a ridiculous amount left over. But the ultra rich want to believe that they're special and more deserving and somehow have more inherent worth as human beings, and the idea of paying properly for the amazing privileges they have scares them, because it might suggest that actually they only have the same hours in the day as everyone else, that actually where they were born, how they were brought up and luck had a lot to do with where they are. Democratic socialism is all about fair distribution of resources and acknowledging that every human being has inherent value and deserves the basics, given there is more than enough to go round. It's not communism, it's not suggesting there should be NO rich people or that everyone should be forced to have exactly the same. And it's not liberalism either.

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