AITA for not inviting all students to a barbecue?

YTA big time. I feel the need to share this to just show you how much this could affect this poor kid. I had an IEP growing up in school, and I had teachers just like you. It’s like they almost enjoyed singling me out because I had an IEP. I was left out of class/group activities countless times all throughout school. Do you have any idea how that makes a kid feel? Or how much it can make them hate themselves? It makes them kick themselves repeatedly and hate the way they are even though they can’t change the way their brain works. The way you felt you had to include that at a private school you don’t have any legal obligation to follow this kids IEP says it all. Yes, maybe you don’t legally. But morally? Oh, yes you do. Legality doesn’t always equal morality. You are the AH, maybe the worst one I’ve read on this sub. Please look for a new career away from children so that you can’t inflict any emotional damage on them.

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