AITA for not stopping smoking weed/wax in front of children in the morning passing by my house?

I can see where the dad is coming from about it being within view. But I completely disagree about wax having a strong enough smell to waft down the road 40 ft outdoors. It didn’t seem like OP said he was having a sesh either. It seemed more like “I take a dab in the morning”. Which is probably just one or two not a constant smoke sesh. So no I highly doubt they could smell it. But I do think the dude is snooping by looking into someone’s home and yelling at them. If it were me I’d try not to smoke in front of the kids but that’s not really OPs responsibility and I don’t think any harm is coming to the kids. Also if it were me and some douchebag yelled at me like that in my own garage I’d be a spiteful dick and not move. If he approached me politely about it I would try to accommodate. Unless OP has another area of comfort and shelter to smoke then no why should he have to go awkwardly stand on the other side of his house? To take dabs you kinda need a table to set everything up on. Sorry I don’t really agree that OP should have to do anything. If it were me I’m a private person and would close my garage and not want adults or anyone to see me smoking. But OP can do whatever the hell he wants.

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