AITA for not stopping the car for my wife to pee even though I told her specifically not to drink too much water?

Despite there being numerous exits he could have taken except he didn’t want to “try and park.”

That's your biased assumption of the story. He never said that or anything even remotely close to that.

Yeah because he wouldn’t have bothered to say that unless it was an OPTION to stop.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Another biased assumption.

Again, he has clarified in numerous comments that there were other options that he simply didn’t find as convenient as waiting for a stop that was literally on their planned route.

No. This is false. This is flat out wrong. I won't claim that you're making this up. Maybe you read something that made you think this was true but it's not true. A direct quote from one of his comments:

Even if I wanted to stop I couldn't because of the traffic.

You're wrong on this. You've made some gigantic assumptions based on your own bias and possibly some influence from the hive mind in this thread. It would be nice if you just admitted that.

Lmao yes it does, as it was more accurate than your interpretation, as corroborated by his many comments.

It's not. I've provided direct quotes and you've provided assumptions and insinuations. There's a huge separation between what we know to be true and what you believe to be true.

But even assuming that I’m wrong and she was just drinking a big ass juice because she’s just a stupid asshole, you don’t just tell someone they simple aren’t allowed to pee just because they didn’t listen to you. If you do, it becomes your fault if they piss themselves in your car when you could have done something to prevent it.

No. That's called blame shifting. It's what people do when they won't take responsibility for their own actions.

It would be, if that was what happened. Which it’s not. As he pointed out in the comments.

Again. Flat out wrong. You backed the woman because she was a woman and nothing more. I'd bet as much money as I possibly could that if the story was exactly the same and the sexes were reversed, you'd be saying how she wasn't the asshole and what a doofus he was.

Listen, we disagree. You think I’m overprojecting, I think you’re underthinking. It’s been fun. It’s been real. But this is now less fun than the book I’ve been putting off reading, so I’m out. Have a good one!

Thanks, you too. What book are you (not) reading?

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