AITA for not telling the cashier she failed to scan a $60.00 item?

Because of my previous experiences as a cashier and in retail. People are only disliking this because they LOVE pretending society is fair and unprejudiced when in REALITY so often non-blacks (and oftentimes other blacks) are aware of this social bias and secretly use it to their advantage. When you’re a BF, unless others see “good use” for you, you’re often the first to go because your mistakes are magnified and even if you prove 10x more competent than others, your first mistake is always amplified, especially if others are jealous/envious of you. Sure everyone hides under the cover of “promoting diversity” but that doesn’t change their innate biases, preconceptions, and stereotypes. I’ve seen it too often across the board- in the university setting, in the workplace, socially/culturally, and MOST PATHETICALLY, even in evangelical church settings. Retarded American society just expects us to be the dumb clueless recipients of their disrespect while going along with the deceptive, fraud claim that American/Western society is somehow “fair” and “not racist.” No one with half a brain believes this however.

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