AITA for not telling my fwb's (friends with benefits) brother he couldn't afford what I was drinking

I would love to jump in here and say- if you work as a server/bartender at a high-end restaurant, you actually are expected to double check with the person that the price is okay of the drink they’re ordering. At the high end steak house I worked at (it hosted a highly prestigious and well known golf tournament) the servers/bartenders were expected to inform their guest what was being poured. In fact once I was serving a private party, misunderstood a man who had tried to order a Bellgnie from me first (a very high end expensive whiskey) and so when I told him we didn’t have that and he said a ‘45, I brought him our whisky aged from 1945 (dumb mistake, 19 and first real serving job) which was like $800-$900 a shot. Not only did I get in trouble for not double checking the price with both the man who ordered AND the host of the party footing the bill, but the bartender who poured it for me also got in trouble for not asking if I had double checked before pouring.

Your story was about you fucking up an order and giving someone super expensive liquor. Not someone ordering something expensive and then being shocked it was so expensive.

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