AITA for not wanting my boyfriend to play videogames with his best friend?

NTA - I develop games and don’t get the opportunity to play them as much as I’d like anymore, but I’ll try to find time to play with my friends for maybe 3-4 hours every few weeks or so. Besides that, I’ll find some time to play single player games an hour or so every couple days.

I’d still say I play a lot of games, but I try to involve my girlfriend even though she doesn’t play them much herself (she loved my playthrough of God of War and is enjoying me playing the Metro series because she really likes Russian literature).

It does sound like he has a problem that he needs to get help for. Obviously I don’t think playing a lot of games is a bad thing, but quitting work for 6 months to do so is troubling, and his problems holding a conversation without playing a mobile game is too.

I don’t know if you want advice, but try to get to the point where he doesn’t need to be on his phone during conversations as a start. I also know from experience that you can be on a phone call while playing a game and muting your mic, so him just doing that when he’s on his gaming benders is also a good first step.

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