AITA for not wanting to pay for my daughters baby?

So I'm gonna tell you guys a story that's not mine, it's my mom's. At 14 she had ran away got married and pregnant to my (23yr old) dad (also this was in Mexico feel like that would explain the whole pedo marrying a child thing). She said no matter what my grandma said, no matter how many times she forced her to stop seeing my dad, she wouldn't listen. She was 'in love' and she was 'matured for her age.' Then she told me 'it wasn't until i was fat with a baby, forced to drop out of school, watching all my friends still go out to play, go to school, hang out together. That's when i finally figured out what my mom was trying to tell me.' My mom wasn't 'in love' she admitted that if she would have just dated him longer she would have dumped his ass. She wasn't 'more matured' she admits that now. She says she has alot of regret in her life and she really wishes she would have listened to my grandma. At the end of that mistake she ended up with 2 kids and a deadbeat for a husband, that refused to divorce her cause he didn't want to pay child support.

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