AITA for not wanting to go on a nice family vacation?

Yeah i think my husband may have said we could go before knowing any details since it’s so far out lol.

I understand what you’re saying about the favoritism thing because that’s how my family was. Like i get it and that’s how my brain and body are designed to respond to the situation, and IK it’s so hard to give a full story over text, but knowing my husband’s family they’re really just so self absorbed with getting their own needs met that I don’t think my feelings were a factor when they planned their vacations in the past. I was also the “first” one to be dating any of them so it’s not like they brought other sig others and just left me out at the same time yk?

Like it’s really just a case of the popular kids being like “omg u should have been at my party it was so fun!” and you’re the quiet kid in the group who’s not in the group chat being like “yeah i was home alone all weekend i wasn’t invited lol”

Like it’s not on purpose but my contribution to the “family” is definitely an afterthought lol

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