AITA for not wanting old people at my wedding?

I feel like this is the crux of it. Adults know their situation well enough to decide whether or not they should go, while kids and their parents often don't.

Sure, there are kids that are capable of behaving themselves, but not every kid and their parent is willing to recognize that their kid may not enjoy/be able to handle a wedding. I mean really, almost every parent thinks their kid is an angel and only half of them are right. Older people are much more likely to either 1. know enough to know that they can't handle a wedding 2. Have a caretaker that can help make that decision for them, in which case it's usually obvious what the answer is.

Plus, having a kid around can change the entire atmosphere of the wedding.There are some things you just shouldn't do with kids around. If you let people know that your wedding is gonna be a raging party with booze and weed a-plenty, grandma can decide for herself whether or not she wants to go, but you know there's going to be that one irresponsible jerk that's so upset that they couldn't bring their young child into that enviornment. Similar goes for if you wanted a more sophisticated wedding, having children around changes the atmosphere. A stiff, adult enviornment isn't going go be enjoyable for a kid either, which is likely to make them more of a problem.

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