AITA for overreacting to a YouTube prank on Thanksgiving?

Yeah, I would never just turn my back on my parents like that without warning. You ditched all your relatives on a Holiday while they waited for you because... Your little brother tossed some baby powder at you. He is totally the AH (but a dumb teenager... So expect that), but you completely ignored everyone else for a long ass time. Hours on Thanksgiving before responding? The only thing you sent was a random legal disclaimer? Maybe your entire family is garbage and you don't owe them shit. Totally possible, but then don't agree to go. I have a shit family and am still considerate enough to not leave them waiting for a holiday meal because of something crappy they didn't even know about. Just be aware you almost certainly hurt other people and should check in on anyone who attended the event who you care about. Be sure the people you want a relationship with know you lost you damn mind and it's not because you didn't care about them. I would be furious if any family ditched me cause one of my other family members pulled a dumb. I have lots of dipshits in the family. So, I would get it but I would expect a phone call/text for you doing something shitty to me as a bystander you didn't consider.

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