AITA for parroting the things my wife says to me back at her?

Honestly some of the responses in this thread make me better understand the thought processes of the absolute morons some of my friends have dated. Guys who get black out drunk or act like drunken buffoons and when a friend calls him out after getting to the end of her rope and snapping and using a name or rude language, “OH WELL YOU WERE JUST NOW RUDE TO ME SO THAT JUSTIFIES AND BALANCES ALL OF WHAT I DID ALL THIS TIMW TO GET YOU TO THAT POINT IN THE FIRST PLACE” Even when on the receiving end of shit behavior we have to be perfect or else get blamed, what the fuck is that?? I mean, is the person you are responding to an actual 3 year old? And hundreds upvoted that stupidity. Honestly an enormous part of why dating sucks at this point is because a lot of adults are actually just giant babies who never take any personal responsibility for shit.

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