AITA For Pointing Out The Double Standards Between Me and My Partner?

I don’t know about where you are from.

But where I’m from (a poorer suburb in Stockholm Sweden) where the majority of residents are from Iraq and Somalia. My whiteness was not a privilege AT ALL.

It was the reason I was targeted for bullying and abuse ranging from straight up assault and robbery to just name calling. Since my family ate pork my name was “pig boy” growing up.

When the government offered summer jobs all my classmates got one. I got denied because my parents are locals and not refugees.

All through my life my whiteness have gotten me jack shit but pain and suffering. I wish I was Arabic or black.

And it’s extremely aggravating too see spoiled sheltered Americans talking about white privilege being some universal thing. Say American privilege. Because a lot of white people around the world can’t see your point of view.

  • in Sweden it’s the reverse from other countries. Rich people live in the city and poorer people live in suburbs. They look like Soviet Union apartment complexes smacked up in the middle of the Forrest.
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