AITA for proposing to my boyfriend as a woman?

I don’t disagree about societal norms, but I would like to point out that romantic people can still have romantic plans shattered. I planned for months and it was something I dreamed about for years. And being the romantic partner between us, I have all sorts of things constantly lined up or in motion.

Societal norms aside, this sounds like a simple problem of romantic expectations not being met. OP said she proposed to make it easy on him. She isn’t an asshole, obviously. She loves him and wanted to do something nice for him. But…not a lot of thought went into it, unfortunately.

Or, this analogy. Many years ago, I got a new hobby and spent months searching and looking for parts for an old vintage thing. I researched, I shopped around locally, I trawled eBay, it was endless. Then one Xmas morning rolls around and my wife surprised me with a brand new, expensive thing. It was thoughtful, loving, totally unexpected, and it killed my hobby overnight.

I can’t blame for trying to do something nice. But when you spend months or years planning something, especially something romantic, only to have someone just blindly do it for you because they want to help…

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