AITA For Putting Conditions on a Shared Car Purchase with Husband

NTA, and also... WTF?

I have NEVER lent out my car to anyone, nor have I been asked if someone could borrow my car (and it's a pretty nice car!).

Aside from the potential liability issues, which are reason enough on their own, other people just drive differently and in ways that can be harmful to the car. My dad, for example - he's a brake-smasher. My first two cars were hand-me-downs from him, and while I was grateful to have them, the brakes in both cars practically had to be stood on to work properly. It wasn't until I finally bought my own car that I had sensitive and functional brakes.

Your conditions are MORE than reasonable.

I would caution you, though, that given his generous nature and what is clearly a long-standing expectation of him loaning out his car, that he likely will renege on this agreement if it's reached. Not maliciously, but clearly he doesn't see this as a big deal. If you can't deal with your money going towards a shared car - and I couldn't - then he needs to get this one on his own.

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