AITA for refusing to give my “friend” a ride home after she told our friend group I “fuck-zoned” her?

Men who complain about the friend zone are upset that their interest in another person’s body isn’t being catered to. Women who complain about being fuck zoned are upset that men are using their social power to punish them for refusing.

Omg he wanted space, that's not punishing her. Punishing her implies he's denying her something she's owed or intentionally doing something to hurt her. He's not hurting her And she's not owed his attention.

He literally told his friends what happened and that’s why they ditched the group to hang with him.

Oh God deciding to spend time with him isn't ditching the group. They shouldn't be forced to spend time with the group because if her.

Also where does it say that was the reason they did it? Here's what he wrote:

A few of my guys decided to just hang with me at my place for a few weekends instead of going out with the larger group.


And that my guys not me were the ones who decided to come hang with me instead of the larger group for a few weeks.

He didn't tell them or force them to do anything. Let's drop the entitlement

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