AITA for refusing to pay at a restaurant that was false advertising?

YTA big time... 1. This does not sound like a hipster place, it sounds like a quality restaurant that sources quality ingredients that cost more as a result. It’s not a flipping Reb Robin. 2. 60 dollars is not expensive for a dish but of course it seems McDonalds is more your style so if it is above 3 dollars it’s expensive to you. 3. it’s Gnocchi not noki and it’s an extremely common Italian pasta dish jeez 4. please learn what false advertising is because it is not even close to what you claim it to be 5. it sounds like you expected Culver’s style dining out of a classy restaurant and just because you made the mistake of not researching you ruined what could have been a wonderful date night with your girlfriend.

Sorry for formatting and of some comments already addresses what I said this set me off and I just went straight to writing

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