AITA for refusing to pay my daughter's tuition after she lied about her major?

I'm with you op. I think you and your family def need to work on your communication. But you have no obligation to pay. My parents were blue collar working class so them paying for me was a no go from the start. So maybe I'm not understanding this privilege. But it's your money and she broke your trust ultimately.

But with that said, college was hard for me because I had to work multiple jobs and deal with that financial stress. But my degree is paying off ten fold now and allows me to pursue my interests and I can say I did it without financial help from my parents.

Idk. This is a complicated situation and it's tougher than what these redditors are saying.

You and your daughter need to work things out. Maybe talk to her about her art. See if she's really passionate and support it under conditions such as is she minting a good GPA and extra curiculars. Is she searching for internships and breaking into the industry.

Engineering schools do a good job of job placement. We were in career fairs since freshmen year. I've noticed that lots of arts programs aren't good about this. But if she does that on her own than she can find success.

Offer to pay for it on a semesterly basis if she can prove that she's putting in the work to find success.

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