AITA for refusing to RSVP to my sister’s wedding because I’m required to write an “application essay” just to attend?


How is it wrong to make someone write an essay to see who really wants to come?? “Why do you still want to celebrate this day with us” and “What will attending our wedding mean to you?” Are two very reasonable questions to answer. It’s literally 500 words. You write more in a single text message basically, and a small thing to have to do to attend your sisters wedding if you really wanted. AND THAT’S THE POINT. Not everyone can come so they probably want to make it fair where the people who REALLY want to come or would be very hurt by not being able to attend CAN come and CAN express that. And for the people who are saying that it’s unfair to even make the sister write one, NO IT’S NOT. Not everyone’s family is automatically their most important people and neither SHOULD they be. And this isn’t a case of not liking her sister, it’s a case of the sister is being generous and letting everyone express their feelings and giving them a chance and if you can’t even do that one thing for your sister, then you obviously don’t care enough to do it and therefore, the essay has already worked and now a person who actually cares enough to write literally only 500 words can take your spot that would’ve been wasted.

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