AITA for refusing to stay at home while my wife is dogsitting because I have a dog phobia

Your wife is seriously gaslighting you. Everything in the edit was against you, in just favor. It sounds like she probably wrote it herself tbh. Also, think about the part of the dog staying in a different room until you "feel ready to slowly get to know her." I know someone who has a phobia of fruits, and it's been like that for a while. He screams and runs when any fruits are put into his proximity. I would be a terrible person to "slowly incorporate fruits into his life" until he gets over his fear of fruits. YOUR WIFE IS NOT A PSYCHIATRIST, SO DO NOT ALLOW THIS. In fact, I would say to go to a psychiatrist yourself and talk to them about your dog phobia and the way your wife is acting to you. "I feel like a douchebag and a terrible father, and I am honestly blessed to

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