AITA for regretting spending $1K on my boyfriend's birthday & feeling like he never takes me anywhere?

Unfortunately I wasn't able to post there bc this was my first Reddit post! The last time I sat him down to talk about how I felt like we weren't being romantic enough, I told him that I define romance as doing something for the other person that you wouldn't do on a normal day - stuff like a surprise date, buying them flowers, etc. Bless his soul he took on my advice and bought me ice coffee (we were studying for exams at the time), chocolates and flowers (they were purple kale, but he tried and it was the sweetest thing). BUT my problem was that when I asked him to define romance to him (so that I could try to reciprocate some romantic gestures) he said that romance to him was the day-to-day stuff like washing the dishes and making the bed... which I do anyway. I see these as more of an "if you live here, you're expected to help out around the house" kind of thing. Maybe we're just not compatible??

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