AITA for sending my husband to his dad's because he wouldn't let our daughter help me cook?

I (40m) am a chef. My wife (52f) and I have no children. We met too late in life to make it happen. I do almost all of the cooking, especially since Covid. I’m happy to. When she cooks I don’t say peep about technique. She makes great food, even if it isn’t the exact way I’d do it. That I don’t have to do it makes it even more delicious! I understand his desire to oversee every aspect of the preparation WHEN HE IS AT WORK, but at home he should chill out and let his wife and daughter enjoy an activity that bonds them and he benefits from. I’m sorry he hasn’t realized that there is a difference between his subordinates at work and his family at home.

You are absolutely NTA here. Your man needs to man up and let go of the things he’s not asked to be in control of.

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