AITA for serving a pregnant woman a non-alcoholic cocktail?

I'm just going to leave this here:

warriorwoman96 stumbles up to her bedroom. She takes out her Macbook, opens it up, and pours another glass of wine.

"I bet that bitch is still arguing with me," she slurs as she takes another sip.

She notices that somebody has responded to her comment on reddit. After three failed clicks on the red envelope, she manages to hit it, and opens it up. Inside is YouGottaStopThat responding to her comment.

Through hazed vision she reads half of the response and then abruptly explodes in anger. "I DRANK WHEN I WAS PREGNANT AND MY BABIES WERE JUST FINE," she shouts in an empty room. "AND NOBODY TALKS ABOUT MY BABIES LIKE THAT." To calm her nerves she takes another Xanax and begins typing. Satisfied with herself, she clicks "save."

"That'll show that bitch," she slurs again. She takes another sip of wine.

u/YouGottaStopThat this is fucking hilarious and you shouldn't have tried to delete it.

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