AITA for 'setting my dogs' on another dog at the dog park?

I’m going to do the thing you’re not supposed to do and co-op with my own story. Years ago, when I lived in a big southern city, there was a great dog park in the general park near me that usually had very nice people and dogs. I had little dogs but one of them loved being chased by big dogs, so I let him do that for a little and he would come to me when he was tired & we’d go to the little section for little dogs.

One day this guy came in with an untrained Pitt (pls spare me on “pitties are the sweetest most harmless dogs! comments, this one was not). This dog aggressively goes after every big dog in the park, people immediately start leaving, and luckily I snatched up my little guy when this was going on. People started asking this guy to leave and he was brushing off complaints sayin it was fine, but would occasionally get his dog to come over to him and LIFT THE DOG OFF THE GROUND BY ITS JOWLS (like chin/neck area) to semi scold it before putting it back down to run around unchecked.

One of the more disgusting things I’ve witnessed in person.

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