AITA for suing my girlfriend after she had my 1967 impala project taken to the scrapyard?

lol! Made the unfortunate choice to get into the property management business. And found, no matter how good a girl in her mid 20s might have her credit, employment, and life situation seemingly under control. HALF with fucking flame out in under 6 months. 640 credit, a job enough to cover 3 times the rent, she's got some kids who only live with her 3 days out of 7(this is a MAJOR red flag by the way), and what the hell? Seems like a good risk, right? lol!

5 months in, no job, she's on her THIRD boyfriend who is going to jail, people are breaking into her car and mailbox, because of drug related shit. There's THREE contractor bags full of trash, because she's too fucking lazy to move them 25 feet out the door and to the dumpster. So of course, she's complaining about roaches. Her place smells of dirty diapers, even though she lost limited custody of her kids, and now its one weekend at someone else's house every other week.

Is this going to end up as an eviction case? Sure, but fuck it, even if I get her to go down, and get the churches united, vincent de paul, salvation army, city rent assistance things, I can get my fucking 6 month bonus. (the move in bonus for managers was scrapped when too many would just flame the fuck out after 3-4 months).

So, happy voucher time, money comes in, and she's only $110 behind now. Which somehow she just can't find. But the place now smells like weed out in the hallway more often than not. Boyfriend 2 is trying to come back. I get this news from the fucking US Marshall's deputies, because this guy blew a deferment on a 5 year trip to prison, on the off chance he could somehow complete the 120-150 day drug treatment/work release program. But hey, he almost made it 43 out of 50 days. :D

And now there's also a flurry of coin boxes on washers and dryers getting broken into. I don't even bother to ask this chick if she heard anything right next to her apartment, either she's high, or its boyfriend number 4 trying to pay for her weed.

Anyway, two more months go by, the process server pays her a couple of visits. Go to court, sit around 40 minutes, 15 minutes past, she's a no show. Your writ will be delivered by e-mail. See ya next month!

Turn out my assistant filed the damned court papers wrong, or at least set the court date a day too early. The judgment is dismissed, but this chick has like 15 guys loading all her shit into pickup trucks and a U-haul. I tell my assistant manager if he so much as makes a fucking peep that the eviction was dismissed, I'll kill his ass right then and there :D

Granted though, she must've had some seriously chapped lips to pull off getting that many dudes there that fast. It looked like she had half the roadies from a Motley Crue tour out there.

Ultimately, as long as she de-assed the property, I was a happy camper. She didn't have an eviction on her record... But, the money judgment was a different story. lol! I didn't even bother sending most of those to collections unless someone owed 3 months and full damages, plus they were a massive massive asshole.

Because the thing was, just sitting there with that on their record, there were NOT getting in anywhere that was not a roach infested shithole. Unless they had half a brain cell and got a place on Land Contract. But most won't do that, because then WHO do they cry to when their toilet seat is wobbly and needed fixing? :D And who's gonna shovel the ice and snow off the damned walkway?

So, 6 years hits, and I get calls from all these former tenant chicks. Oh, well, so and so sexually harassed me. Look in the records.. Uh, you were here when Annica was manager... So, tell me more about this sexual harassment... :D Oh, no, it was the assistant manager... You mean, Steve.. The gay guy, sexually harassed you.. Uh, were you a dude then? :D

Usually about 15-20 minutes in, all the attempts are bullshitting are run out, and I'm dug into their fragmentary records of sometimes 6-10 years ago. And I usually tell em, look, you hold tight another year, get a land contract, a co-signer, you don't have to bother with ANY of this BS. Because right now, you owe like $3k dead to rights, which in this town you can be an off the books roomate for a year, and then this shit is all gone, usually.

But oh no... She wants to go the full route. So I guide her through the process of getting her court records, the case number, getting that paid to the court, the company receiving payment, filing the papers to say all debt is discharged, and then, in theory, maybe she gets in somewhere.

Me being me though, I gotta wonder. This girl pays down $3k of six year old debt that just about rolled off the books. Is she now flat broke? Or does she have a new potential hubby looking to get a house, and doesn't want a wife with messed up credit.. Or did she just land a couple felonies, and wants to get in somewhere, maybe a trailer park, for the long haul, because while she's on probation, she's gonna be kryptonite in terms of housing.

Dunno, but, I was rather amazed how little people were connected to reality. And even when given every chance in the world, would just keep fucking things up until they ended up all but broke, homeless, strung out, and burned every bridge.

Anyway, 4 years of that happy shit, and I went back to work in the Defense sector. Forget helping people, which I sucked at. Professional social workers, shrinks, probation officers, they could have it all. I now do what I do best, build things which blow baddies to bits. :D

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