AITA for taking my birth control in public?

"5. If you want to take your medication, take your medication. People may notice, though."

Right. And she did not complain that he noticed. Understanding that someone might notice is not the same as inviting them to demand further information and then complaining when they get it.

"7. If you decide to tell everyone what your medications are, any disparaging remarks that ensue are something that you are going to have to deal with. In other words, in spite of all actions available to you at any point this far, you have let the ball drop and you are going to have to deal with the repercussions."

Sure, but she is dealing with the repercussions. That's literally what she is doing here. Dealing with the repercussions doesn't mean accepting blame for someone else being an asshole.

People can be a dick about anything. The fact that she gave him information doesn't mean he's justified in being a jerk about it. The fact that she could've hidden this information does not mean that it was ok for him to make a scene and be a dick about it.

The fact that she unintentionally provided him the ammo he needed to make a scene does not mean that she played an equal part in the scene that he chose to create. If I make the mistake of telling someone that I have depression when they notice me taking a pill and they ask, they means I could've been more discreet, yes. It doesn't mean it's an ESH "guess we're all at fault," if that person chooses to be a dick with that information and complain that they never wanted to know.

She could've been more discreet, but nothing she did comes close to justifying the fact that he acted like an asshole. Her intentions were innocent, his were not. The two mistakes are not on par. Yes, I do acknowledge that she could have prevented it, but that holds true for all kind of situations, and it does not equate to being an asshole.

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