AITA for taking my daughters tablet away

I'm new here so I think more context is needed!

Yes I spoke to daughter and asked about the video, but she is saying she hasn't seen any rude videos at all. Daughter has lied and does lie often, so I did ask her why she didn't show me the video at the time as she has done in the past if she's seen something scary, funny etc but daughter continued to say she hadn't seen a rude video. I could of said 'well your mum told me that...' but I don't want to be like that. We had a good chat and daughter understands there are things out there on the internet that aren't nice and she tells me she would show me if she saw anything rude.

Mum said the daughter described the video as a girl sitting on a boys lap.

All I want to do is 1 keep her safe, 2 teach her that it's not ok to lie, 3 that it's ok to show me anything she feels she shouldn't being seeing and 4 that its important to keep safe whilst on the internet.

Now, i haven't took her tablet away, I've just stopped the video watching and only allow certain games she can play.

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