AITA for taking too long to walk, making my mom throw my lunch away?

My mother is very active in the volunteer aspect of church. Yesterday, she volunteered us to clean, sanitize, and disinfect the benches outside the church's social hall. We brought majority of the supplies from home, many of which were brand new (hoses, sponges, soap, bleach, etc).

After giving me instructions on how to clean the benches and how to pack up the supplies when I was done, she stepped outside to take a call. A few hours passed and she came back, telling me to hurry up since we had to get my grandmother lunch.

I think you mean she volunteered YOU. she did not help you at all.

In my distracted hurry, I forgot to grab the hose from outside, and only realized it when I was unpacking the supplies at home. I informed my mother, who didn't seem to care, and went to prepare lunch for my grandmother. After, my mother asked me where the hose was, and I told her I had mistakenly left it behind at church.

Not sure why she asked about the hose a second time after you already told her you forgot it and she was fine with it

Her response was "You're going to have to figure out if you're gonna walk back to church or buy me a new hose." Now, being a 16 year old not allowed to get a job, I had no choice but to walk back to church. Fortunately, church is only about a half hour walk from my home, so it wasn't too bad. When I returned, she scolded me for not making it home in the 15 minutes she allotted, despite her not telling me I had a time limit.

So she set you up to fail. She gave you the "option" to pay for it or walk. Except she wont let you get a job so she pretty much told you that you had to walk. This walk takes an hour there and back which you said isn't too bad. I think that is pretty bad. that a very long walk to have to go on when she probably could have driven much faster. Then she informed you after the fact that she had made up a random time limit, but failed to mention this time limit before you left. Also this time limit is physically impossible. How exactly were you going to get back in 15 minutes when the walk is an hour plus a few minutes to get the hose from the church. Then she proceeded to scold you for this!?! This is all very manipulative.

Then she told me that since I had taken longer than 15 minutes, the food she bought me had gone bad so she had to throw it she straight up lied to you, it didnt go bad. Food doesnt go bad in an hour. And I'm assuming she could have stuck it in a fridge if this was really the case. Also, why didnt she think of this before she sent you off to complete this impossible task. She could have given it to you to eat before you left, problem solved.

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