AITA for telling a girl's parents that she's ugly and I would never date her?

YTA. I feel sad for that poor unsuspecting girl.

You could have maybe brought up news articles of children and other young people committing suicide, or taking other drastic actions, due to academic reasons (grades not high enough, not accepted to certain programs or universities) every so often.

If you wanted to be real petty you could have stuck it to the parents. You could have instead said something like:

" Based of my own experience I would never date her because I cannot imagine being a parent to a child who would willingly subject them to such horribly narcissistic self centered grandparents.

They could be the smartest richest scientist and business person in the world and first astronaut and doctor to perform surgery in space but that wouldn't matter if they killed themselves because of the cruel and unrealistic expectations set by their incredibly selfish grandparents with no concept of empathy"

Granted, the resulting fallout isn't gonna be pleasant but (1) you wouldn't be an asshole to the poor girl and (2) they'll wont likely ever bring up another girl again.

Maybe this will serve as a catalyst for them to be better people but if that were possible you wouldn't be in this position in the first place.

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