AITA for telling the judge of a scholarship competition that if she already knew who she wanted to win, to cut the crap and just let us all go home?


I wish I could have done this in my school. You see, I was in the same school from my 5th standard to +2. And I had this son of a.. I mean the librarian, for a classmate. He won every single ducking competition in the school. He was not good at anything at all. I was the class nerd, and it absolutely hurt to see someone idiotic dumba take away the prize for nothing. And for an entire ducking year, I was mentally and physically bullied for an entire ducking year by this guy and a lot of his minions just for outdoing this SOB, oops, SOL in academics,but that is a very long story for another post. His mother knew it but still.

All the arts and crafts competitions he participated in, his work was done by the arts teacher herself. And no one gave a duck about us. He bullied me relentlessly until I got strong enough to stand up to him, but no one gave a duck.

I can't just stand anyone doing this. I wish to do such horrible things to these people that this sub doesn't allow me to write here.

Hey, but this guy is just a big loser now. I am in an IIT (IIT Delhi), basically Ivy League Schools of India, and this guy hasn't still made it to a college. Karma, I think.

So, maybe I am a little biased, but OP, a big NTA. You will be my hero.

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