AITA for telling my husband he needs to box up his deceased wife’s stuff so we can move into their old bedroom?

Lady what your demonstrating is NOT empathy. It’s fucking rude, disrespectful, and ignorant.

His wife died less than a year ago, in 10 months (since her death) you got married to him and live with him. That’s sooner than most honeymoon phases wear off.

If you had empathy you wouldn’t have put your foot to the fucking pedal with this relationship. Hell, even me and my boyfriend have more common sense than you. We’re star-crossed with each other but we want to give our relationship a few years before we get married (if we do at all).

He NEEDS time, time you don’t want to let him have. That’s awful.

You’re definitely the asshole.

He’s just a grieving father who was unfortunate enough to meet you during an extremely low period of his life.

And hate to say it, but you are secondary I his first wife. In every way.

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