AITA for telling my wife that she is obese and needs to lose weight?

Unlike many commenters here, I have a wife who gained a lot of weight and is now losing it, she does better when she's driving the effort and I'm only supportive, not being a cheerleader nor being a coach. I can speak from experience, weight issues tend to have emotional components that make it more complicated.

Your anecdotal evidence is meaningless. What worked for your wife is not going to work for other people. Sitting here and acting like you're an authority on the matter is as laughably misguided as your views of what actually matters in regards to weightloss. Speak to a doctor that specializes in obesity and they will tell you it's not just diet, and it's not just exercise. It's an entire lifestyle change, especially if the person has struggled with their weight their whole lives.

Exercise isn't a good way to lose weight. It's a good way to be healthier, but as far as weight loss it's crappy. Diet is so much more important and weight and food are touchy subjects.

What the hell are you even going on about?! It is a matter of both exercise and nutrition. You can eat whatever the hell you want as long as you exercise enough to burn off the calories. That doesn't mean you'll be healthy, but that's exactly how weight loss and weight gain work. If you don't move around enough then you need to adjust your calorie intake so that you are burning more than you are consuming. Saying that it's just about her diet is wrong.

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