AITA For Telling My Wife That If She Quits Her Job I Expect Her To Cover All The Housework?

Not a SAHP but working dad and mum is working 2/3 days a week.

I can get most the house done in a few hours because I'm super anal and clean as I go.

In Relation to chores, I find that I can get a lot done when I include my two year old. She actually wants to help and tries to help maintain the house.

Mum however finds it draining, and I'll admit I get frustrated after working an 0800-2130, getting home and then tidying the house silently whilst they're sleeping. And trust me we fight about it.

About deep cleaning, I can get nearly everything done, besides hoovering when she's napping. When she wakes, no problem, sweetie can help daddy cook.

There's also the benefit of my being overly smug when she gets back from her job with a "not so hard is it look" across my face.

I think you're getting downvoted because you may have come across hinting they're not doing enough. And ladies, I'm going to be real with you, and my male friends with kids agree, half the time you don't do the silent agreement to keep the house as you'd expect it, but there's hell if we fail one task.

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