AITA for telling my sister to get over her miscarriage?

NAH. You would be TA, but you sound young, with wisdom yet to be earned. Take this as a learning opportunity.

I'm a middle-aged man with three siblings. My mother is now elderly. Between my younger brother and me, she miscarried a child--I was too young to understand what was going on at the time then, just that an ambulance was rushing my mother to the hospital.

The story of most lives is this, unless abuse is involved: you try to escape your parents to make you own way in this world, but eventually find yourself also growing old and unexpectedly return to you parents as friends, when all is said and done.

The point is: my elderly mother has become an unexpected friend, enough so that I understand she still sometimes wonders who her lost daughter might have been.

The point is: no one who has not been there can understand the trauma of a life growing within you suddenly lost.

YWBTA if you don't take this chance to understand in some ways a miscarriage can be harder than losing a born child: in the latter, you know the tragedy of what you have lost, but in the former, you wonder who the little person you never got to meet might have been.

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