AITA for telling my gal pal that she would look better if she lost a little bit of weight?

I'm also currently overweight. I've been with my partner coming on 12 years, so we've seen each other at our best and worst.

My girlfriend prefers when I'm in shape. That's her preference. She doesn't tell me "good morning, fatso", but I have asked her how she felt about my weight gain, and she was honest in that she preferred my former build. It doesn't mean she doesn't care about me, or that she doesn't still find me attractive, it just means that right now one thing about me isn't exactly how she'd like. I could throw away the relationship and take it personally, or I could realize I asked her in the first place and either work to lose the weight, or accept that she'll care for me at any size even if my gut isn't her ideal body type.

I just think that sometimes your partner might do something you aren't sold on. Whether it's a haircut, gaining a few, a new tattoo you dislike, etc, and I think it's ok to not be a fan of that thing without it being such a big deal you want to leave your partner over it.

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